Cales de LLierca, S.A.

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    Cales de LLierca, S.A.

    Afores, s/n

    +34 972 687020

    Cales de Llierca, S.A. is a factory created during the 70's in order to produce CaO (Calcium Oxide). It all started with one kiln (oven), two today, which produced enough CaO to provide the local agricultural and construction industries, among others. Soon the technology of "precipitation" (crystallization) of the particle obtained from the calcination of lime stone, the CaO, was implemented. Cales de Llierca introduced the PCC in the European market which produced in continuous with a stable grade in the paint and plastic formulations. At the same time the coated PCC with a stable quality which gain its position in the European market through the sealants formulations. Nowadays Cales de Llierca produces high quality Precipitated Calcium Carbonate European standard quality for sectors in Paper, Paint, Sealants, Plastics and food industry and is exporting PCC worldwide with large experience in a big variety of formulations.



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